Daya Devi-Doolin is an award-winning author, certified Master Healer and Yoga Instructor.  Chris Doolin is co-author of their book on Dreams and co-author of a book about their musical journey together called Smile America; as well as co-Director of the Doolin Healing Sanctuary.

Chris and Daya Devi-Doolin met while playing music on the streets of Philadelphia, PA. Chris came from a musical background of piano study and guitar performance in the folk/rock vein. Daya had learned to accompany herself on acoustic guitar while singing her original songs in club and other venues.

Back during those days in Philadelphia, you could catch them day and night at 16th & Chestnut, or on South Street, playing to large crowds with the five-piece acoustic funk band “Street Players”. When this group dissolved, they continued together, were married, and the folk/country/inspirational duo, “Abraham’s Seed” was born. For years, they performed in the Northeast, at colleges, coffeehouses, concerts, on radio and TV. They produced their first EP album, “Sides of Love” featuring the popular requested song, “Momma”, which was reviewed in Billboard Magazine upon release in 1997.

While talking together between music performances on the street, Chris and Daya discovered they had an affinity for dreams, yoga and metaphysical spirituality.

In 1986, they moved to Florida, and soon, “Abraham’s Seed” sprouted into Level Seven(to become aka Level Seven later).

In 1985, they were introduced to an additional world for focusing and increasing our spiritual awareness. Through a series of serendipitous occurrences, they began to study and practice with A Course In Miracles. They eventually became ACIM facilitators for several groups of committed students. It opened them up to the great healing powers of the universe. They wrote their first joint book on the language of dreams and their meaning, called Hidden Manna. They sold it via mail-order after taking an ad out with Whole Life Times Magazine.

Through an illness Daya had in 1986, she was told she would have to have surgery. Through prayers, she was led to discover and experience spiritual, natural healing without surgery. Her complete healing led her to study & receive training and certification in the first level of Usui Reiki Natural Healing. One year later, she received training in the 2nd Degree Level of Reiki and another year later, on to receive Certification, Attunement and Training in the 3rd Degree, Master Teacher Level. Chris has received training and certification in Reiki Levels I and II. We have both received Training and experience in Rebirthing and Loving Relationship Training based on the method of Internationally known Author and Rebirther, Sondra Ray. Daya continued her training in other modalities like Bodytalk and Matrix Energetics.

Chris and Daya were eventually told through Spirit that they would be opening a natural healing center. They call it The Doolin Healing Sanctuary. There they offer a variety of alternative holistic methods of training, healing, classes and workshops which lead to healing and spiritual growth. They offer free introductions to Reiki, Yoga, Power of Thought and Rebirthing. They offer sessions in Yoga, group and individual Rebirthing, Reiki healing, Reiki I, II, & III attunements, Intuitive Counseling and Prosperity and Dream workshops.

In 1988, Daya was lifted up in consciousness and shown she would be writing a book. Spirit’s Voice said, “It will be called Vita-Minds.” “What are Vita-Minds?” she asked? “Super energized thought forms,” was the reply. Later, she was told the title would be Super Vita-Minds. The sub-title would be “How To Stop Saying I Hate You…To Yourself.” She started the actual writing in 1989. She designed the cover, designed the back cover, listing 12 chapters and the topic of each chapter, not even knowing how each topic would be filled.

Then she went to chapter one and started filling in the information Spirit would have her write. She channeled much of the book. At one point after she had a friend edit it for her, negative energy was injected into the situation. She was discouraged by the comments made about the title and the information in it. She declared it was too hard to complete and put it away until 1997 when it was seriously impressed upon her that it must be completed this year. She jumped right in with no hesitation this time. All negativity had been swept away for her and she began receiving the information with new fervor.

She designed the cover anew, the back cover was changed and everything was pretty much “effortless”. When she had questions about how it was going to be funded, she was told it was taken care of, “Not to worry!” And so it was. Every question she would have, “Not to worry!” was the reply. And so it was. Her book was completed and published by August 1998. It was into the public’s hands and flying out of our local headquarters of Padaran Publications by early September. It is now in the four corners of the United States and around the world. Every week another portal is opened for Super Vita-Mindsto flow into.

Chris and Daya have continued with their music and have released 2 CD of our songs, meant to inspire and delight, entitled Level Seven and Smile America.  Daya (and in the case of the book Hidden Manna, which is re-edited, Chris ) have continued to write books. She has continued with her healing work and Yoga instruction that started with her involvement at the Sivananda Yoga Center in Wilmington Delaware fifty plus years ago.

Chris and Daya have a son Joseph Paul Doolin and Daya has a son, Tyler R. Mitchell through a former marriage.

Picture of Chris and Daya Doolin

“A faith-based and enlightened approach to overcoming life’s challenges, Grow Thin While You Sleep proves a powerful catalyst for positive change. Highly accessible, Daya Devi-Doolin isn’t an author to persuade her readers with undue complexity or make outlandish claims, but by candidly sharing her own experiences she invites her readers to take a step back and consider an alternative perspective. It’s certainly compelling, and whilst you might find similar texts on the subject few authors inspire on the level that Devi-Doolin does, or more importantly succeed in making the vital connection between spiritual and bodily wellbeing.  In clear and concise prose her guidance is easy to visualize and follow. Through her own transformative experiences, both concept and execution are easy to incorporate in our daily regimes. She includes recipes to compliment her holistic methodology, but it’s in the cleansing of body and mind that she opens us up to the possibilities of long-lasting and transformative change in our lives through influences we might otherwise not recognize or act upon.”  

– Bookviral Review
“Change your mind, your body, your life — it’s all wrapped up in this super-spiritual approach to losing weight (and negativity) from the inside out.”
Victoria Moran, HHC, AADP, VLCE author of Fit from Within, Main Street Vegan, The Love-Powered Diet and Creating a Charmed Life  

“Daya Devi-Doolin has done it again! In her book Grow Thin While You Sleep, she uses her vast knowledge of the functions of the mind (thought), emotions and spirituality, and gives practical and effective exercises to assist the seeker in reaching their goals. Daya speaks with authority, assurance and knowledge. Purity of heart, sincerity and spirit of joy spring from the pages of this latest book.”

Nalani Valentine ND PhD, author of 7 Steps to Healing and Wellness, Health Educator, The Juice Plus Company